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What Are the Risks of Buying Counterfeit Drugs?

Counterfeit Drugs

Buying a drug is an unambiguously a taxing work because you need to be mindful regarding so many factors so that you won’t end up buying any illegal drug. But at times you are in the loop of illegal dealers and you simply get the fake ones. Initially, you might not know and would have consumed the medicine for a couple of days or maybe months. But later, you come to know that instead of improving your health the drug is actually turning out worse for you. Therefore you need to research chemicals online so that you get the actual drug. In this regard just note the risk involved in buying counterfeit drugs.

The absence of a proper ingredient

Sometimes after prolonged intake of a particular drug patient finds no speedy recovery. And this is because the drug does not have the proper composition of the right ingredients. Therefore it fails to show up any immediate action in the body. For example, if a patient is taking antibiotics and if the drug is counterfeit, and then the body becomes resistant to the antibiotic. This situation might baffle the doctor as he would conclude that the first order of the medicine is not working and certainly he prescribes some other drugs.

Improper reaction

You all are aware of weight loss medications but what happens when the weight loss medicine is counterfeit. Note that the active element present in the weight loss medicine is orlistat, but faked drugs usually have prohibited ingredients like the sibutramine. Now, this type of wrongful compositions actually reacts in a negative way with another set of drugs that have been prescribed to you. On the whole, there is an improper reaction from your body.

Causes allergy

Allergy is again one of the possible threats that you suffer from taking an illegal drug as longtime intake actually makes your body vulnerable. And it dangerously toxifies your blood. As a result of which you face allergic reactions on a face or in various body parts which at times turns out fatal as well.

Respiratory problem

Sometimes physicians are also unknown to the identity of the drug which is why they do prescribe that without any second thought. But such wrongful faked drugs are very much responsible for paralyzing a patient’s respiratory system. In addition to that, it causes confusion and dizziness among patients as well.

Hence, the above said are some of the risks you face from taking counterfeit drugs. Be aware of that as it can seriously put your life in jeopardy.

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